Sunday, October 09, 2005

Be nice to your bike

My Rig and I have been through a lot this year. Together we covered tons of miles here in Virginia's lush forests, braved the mud in Wets Virginia (oops, WEST...sorry) and took on some back roads in Western Pennsylvania that made a few trails I've been on look smooth in comparison.

It has never let me down in a race. Always solid. Always did everything I ever asked it to do, without the slightest complaint. I wish I could say the same about my legs.

Gary Fisher must have had an idea how loved this machine would be when he designed it. Each Rig rolls out of the factory with a "Man's Best Friend" sticker on the backside of the seat tube, just above the bottom bracket. Nice touch, Gary.

I figured it was time to do something nice for my bike, since it has been so nice to me all season.

My beautiful bride also realized how close my Rig and I have become. So for my birthday, she bought a nice gift for the Rig, knowing that would make me happier than getting some new shirt or an electric razor.
Thank you, Pookie. The Rig loves it's new Thomson seat post. Light, strong, bling bling out the wazoo. Very impressive craftsmanship.
Next came the fancy Surly cromoly cog. Oooh, this thing is sweet. I'd venture to say that it's a 300% improvement over the stock $3 stamped junk metal cog that came on the bike. Most cogs are a flat piece of metal with teeth. The Surly is thicker through the center so more metal comes in contact with the freehub body. Just from spinning around a short time I can already feel the overall drivetrain is stiffer and more power is being transferred to the dirt.

Combined with the stainless steel Surly chainring and SRAM PC-1 singlespeed chain, the Rig's vital organs are in great shape.

Finally, these new Time ATAC XE composite pedals will keep me and the Rig tightly joined together for a long time. I'm ready to ride, and I know the Rig is too!

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Gordon Wadsworth said...

yes sir, gotta love the Thomson, got one after the Danville race, and just got another for my road bike.