Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow, wind and sun

Pookie and I had so much fun riding in the snow and slush and crud yesterday that we decided that we'd get out again today. Since the sun was out and the snow was fluffier, the riding was a lot more fun.

Besides, Skip was chomping at the bit to get out on his new Orbea 29er. Sweet bike. Big wheels roll on.

We had lots of fun, as usual. Only a few crashes, lots of attempts to ride over stuff we shouldn't have been trying, only minor bruises, and lots of smiles.

Riding in the snow helps make you better when it's warm and dry. At least that's my theory for getting out there in the cold when everyone else is at home.


Todd Racer said...

3 cheers!

Yenski Glower said...

Hey, check my blog, I rode in the snow too! Ain't that fun?!?!