Sunday, April 02, 2006

Losing it

Chris is really losing it, and I say good for him! Weight, that is. On our weekly Thursday-nighter, he told the group that if he loses one more pound he will weigh less than he has in 15 years. Way to go Chris!

Chris could race. Chris should race. I know he would do well. Everyone in our Thursday night group has seen first hand that his riding has improved over the winter. Again, way to go Chris!

Brian is also a loser. (Shown here skillfully maneuvering a Muck Truck along a particularly sketchy narrow section of the new Four Gorge Trail) He's not talking much about his new lesser-self, but we can all tell he's closer to his fighting weight by the way he's been sticking with the pack on Thursday nights. We've been riding faster as a group, and he's been right there.

Good job, fellas!


bikerclark said...

Doc said "Lose 40 lbs" and I thought I might need that leg!! So I went with removing my gut instead! Thanks,Warren! -

Jeff said...

Hey there....
I'm a friend of Bob Bowman. He said I should get a hold of you.
I'm thinking of switching an old MTB that I've got collecting dust in the garage to a single speed.
Any advice?


Warren Schimizzi said...

Singlespeeding is fun and easy, and can be a life changing experience. Unfortunately, no one can be told what singlespeeding is like, you have to experience it for yourself. Take the red pill and forget the geared world as you know it. Singlespeeds are light, inexpensive, and have less stuff to break. You will like it, but the pain never stops.