Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So, how'd ya do?

This past weekend Pookie and I took a bit of a mini-vacation to Pittsburgh to visit family and friends. The WVMBA schedule had an interesting race slated for Sunday the 14th called the Hancock 100. Since we were already close by (Pittsburgh is just about an hour from Tomlinson Run State Park in WV where the race was held), we figured it would be a good opportunity for us to test our early-season fitness.The 100 refers to time in minutes, not distance. Experts race for 100 minutes, Sports 75. Hmm, that should be different. The deal is that if you reach the 100 minute mark at the same time you are completing a lap, then you're finished. If you are in the middle of a lap when the 100 minutes is up, you are to complete that lap - So your time would be 100 minutes plus whatever amount of time it took to get back to the start/finish line.

Sounds simple. It wasn't. Some serious hic-ups happened with the timing of the Expert, Vet Expert and Singlespeed classes. I passed a guy on the second lap who finished second in my class, but according to the scorers, I didn't place in the top three (???). They announced a guy who got lapped as the winner of the Vet Expert class, and a whole bunch of people had no idea where they placed - me included. I felt great, and raced strong. Last year at this time I did a WVMBA race and came in last in the Singlespeed class. (Those WV boys are waaaay fast) The winner beat me by about 40 minutes. This time around I rode within sight of him the entire race. I was in the hunt the entire time. Former Diamond Back pro and WV resident Gunner Shogren smoked the entire Singlespeed field. The battle was really for 2nd & 3rd. I beat a decent amount of Experts on geared bikes, so I feel really good about how I rode.

Pookie came off the line flying after a bit of a hiatus due to a knee injury. She wrapped up 2nd place in the Vet Women class. In WVMBA they group all of the 35+ women together by age, not by ability. So it's an "open" class to Sports and Experts alike. Excellent job Pookie.

My nephew TJ Platt won overall. He's way silly fast. No doubt.

I'll let ya'll know what the results turm out to be once they are posted.

Our next race may be Race the Trace in Charleston, WV on May 28th, but that's still up in the air. Anyone up for it?


Yenski Glower said...

"The Force is stronnggg in you..."
What's up with results? That is a promoters nightmare, when it all goes South. Sounds like results backfired thinking it would be better based on time, oh well, you know you both had a great race. El Toreo - YEEHA!

bikerclark said...

That there is what you call that west virgini math, 0+0=0.I got some stuff in the frigiator that'll help that. Great job anyway, for each of you.