Friday, December 01, 2006


It only takes about 3 minutes to find one. Everywhere I go, at any time of day. Speeders. I have trouble understanding their mentality. I’d like to ask these idiots why they think that the law doesn’t apply to them. I’m not talking about on the interstate; I’m talking secondary roads and city streets. I’m not talking about people who drive 5 miles per hour over the speed limit either. On two separate stretches of a four-lane street with a 35 mph speed limit, I routinely have people blow by me when I’m doing 40+ mph. This is something that I notice even more when I’m traveling this same stretch commuting to work on my bike. Hey idiot, those big white signs with the numbers on them are there for a reason!

Speeding has become an epidemic of stupidity. When these people get in their cars, they turn into morons. Everyone acknowledges that this is a problem, but what can we do to impact it? Speeding will never go away. There will always be idiots who don’t have any concern for anyone but themselves. But it seems like the number of idiot morons rises every single time I’m out on the road. What the hell is going on?

I know these people aren’t going anywhere important. I’ve watched closely as these idiots have shot around me like they were late for a fire, only to watch them pull into McDonalds or Starbucks. They obviously are not late since they have time to stop for their morning java or a fat, fat and fat biscuit. Here’s a novel idea; IF YOU WANT TO GET THERE SOONER, LEAVE EARLIER!

Is it society telling these people that they need to be in front of everyone else in order to feel important or special? Do they watch a lot of reality TV? You know what I’m talking about; conflict sells. Almost every popular show on TV these days is based on conflict. Everyone is always at someone else’s throat. (That’s a whole different rant all together!) So, since they feed on this crap, they feel like they are superior to you because they can drive faster.

Or is it that fact that these morons are so undisciplined that they can’t control themselves enough to obey the simplest of laws?

Is it the fact that they know they won’t get caught? After all, the police can’t patrol everywhere at all times. Like I mentioned earlier, the population of moron motorists is rapidly increasing.

What can we do? Are we helpless? Is this a lost cause? I’m being serious here; something has to be done or people will continue to die. I don’t want to be one of them. I don’t want any of my fellow cyclists to be one of them.

The purpose of this rant is to start a dialog. Maybe even start a movement.
What can we do??????????????????????????????????????????????


Jen said...

Good rant Warren! Tis the season to drive like fools!!! I saw it during my years of volunteering with EMS and boy do I see it now working at RMH.

People lose their freaking minds this time of year. The kicker for me is cellphones, car loads of kiddies and the movies that are playing in the back of the cars. I don't know about you, but half the time I'm driving the music gets on my nerves, I can't imagine driving around with a movie playing in my ear.

I don't know how you solve the problem or where you begin, but if you see the same people doing the same things on your daily commute, get their license tag and report them. If they are truly stupid and habitual offenders the police will often pay them a little visit.

Stupidity seems to be job security for me, but I hate when innocent people get hurt because of others' ignorance. Be careful out there; maybe one day our localities will really get on board and create safer ways for commuters like yourself.

Fa la la la la, la la la la! =)

Harrison Freund said...

Amen brother! Too many close calls these days, tho I'm biking less because of swim practice now. Cya in the spring.

Yenski Glower said...

Speeding in town is one of many on the list:
- no signal
- blowing through stop signs
- running red lights
- making illegal turns
- child abuse (smoking in car, loud music)
- reckless driving (cellphones, eating, applying make up, pets in lap, smoking, masterbating, or all of the above at once!)

Maybe make a new bumper sticker saying "Driving while stupid?"