Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cross Training

This past Thursday was the third consecutive time I've felt that I had to cancel our weekly Explore Park MTB excursion. It's just been too nasty to take any chances - I'd hate to see anyone get hurt because the conditions are bad, then get hypothermia because it's 19 degrees. Better to wait for nicer weather - which according to the NWS should be here this week!

This has been good weather for cross-training inside. But, I've been getting burned out on lifting weights in the gym and riding the trainer. This Thursday along with some of the usual Thursday Night Ride crew, I dusted off my rock climbing shoes and (with a hook-up from a secret source at a super-secret location) was on the wall for a couple hours. I had forgotten how much of a great cross-training workout climbing can be - you strengthen your hands and forearms, learn better balance, and sharpen your mental focus.

Next on my indoor cross-training agenda is to get back to playing a little pick-up hockey. I have about one more month to indulge in these other activities until my on-the-bike training time squeezes these things out of the picture again. That's OK too - I love the bike. It's just fun to be a different type of athlete once in a while.

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Jebadiah said...

Believe it or not I helped build that cave years ago. Matter of fact those were the Team BRO days sponsored by:Shaklee, Timex, Bolle' and who else? Blue Ridge Outdoors. Back the that was the place to be on Tuesday and Thursday nights all winter long.