Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Adam hates us"

Park, suit up and climb. Dragons Backhits you hard. You climb forever. Once you reach the ridge and think it's going to flatten out, you still have to climb some more. Adam (center) had never ridden the Dragon. He was totally unaware of the hell yet to come!

I think I can, I think I can...five attempts later, I still couldn't.

The climb to the ridge top was brutal. Downed trees were everywhere and the leaves were three feet thick in places...

...but the payoff is a million dollar view!

Sweeeeeet rock gardens are everywhere on the back of this Dragon!

Chip is one happy Camper on his new GF 29er.

Pookie is riding strong on her new fancy Kona full suspension bike. Nice face.

Left to right
Adam: "You call this fun?"

Alan: "First I almost lose my Garmin, then I bust up my derailleur on my new bike...I'm not riding with you people anymore!"

Yours truly: "I need a haircut."

Chip was going camping, we broke Alan's new bike, and Adam wanted to kill us for dragging him up and down this God-forsaken mountain. Thus the group dwindled to two, so Pookie and I rode The Ring of Fire a couple times.

Actually, I think everyone had a good time. This is one incredible place to ride.

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adamC said...

Wow.....!What a ride!I regret not doing the ring of fire.Maybe next time.The downhill and across the ridge made the climb worth it!