Friday, March 30, 2007

The most important aspect of MTB racing

Most of the other racers in my circle of friends are thinking about getting their bikes ready for this Sunday's Dirty Dawg race at Mountain Lake. Tire pressure is being contemplated, suspensions adjusted, drive trains tuned...I've spent time on all of these things as well.

Others are keeping close tabs on themselves; diet, rest, recovery, soreness, etc.

But, the most important piece of the puzzle is being tested on my commute to and from work (by car, gotta save my legs for Sunday).

I'm talking about the playlist. What makes a race more fun than some excellent music? I've recently spent some time online downloading some up-tempo alternative for my "Race" playlist like Nine Black Alps, Thirsty Merc and We Are Scientists. The "Warm-up" playlist is pure power - enough to propel me into a frenzy that not even the strongest cup of morning coffee could equal. It contains Hatebreed, Static-X and Slipknot. Ear bleeding at it's best.

I can't listen to death metal while I'm actually racing. It just puts me too far over the top. But, for warming up there's nothing better. The consistant rythms of modern alternantive keep me at a perfect tempo throughout an entire event without getting too slow, or too fast. Yes, it is possible to listen to music that's is too fast for racing. Too much audio adreneline can cause you to go into turns too hot or blow up your legs on a long climb.

Rock on.

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Tim Grahl said...

One of the best CDs I've found for riding with some good regular, fast rythym is the self titled Squad Five-O album.

I love riding to it as every song seems to have the same quick tempo.