Friday, March 16, 2007

Time change, time to change.

So the time is here again...although earlier than normal. I'm talking about daylight savings time. Thanks to some new Government initiative to save energy, we've now got some more daylight to take advantage of in the evening - bonus.! It also means that it's darker later in the morning - points off. I have to use a headlight when biking to work again, just like in the dead of winter.

So riding the usual Thursday evening Explore Park loop without needing artificial illumination for the first time in six months is always a blast. Since everyone sees the trail better in the daylight, the group goes out fast after the time change, and this was no exception.

The skies threatened rain all afternoon, but could muster no more than a few sprinkles. The smell of spring showers was everywhere. It felt like May more than March, but I'm not complaining!
Upon arrival, everyone got to check out Pookie's new King Kikapu full suspension, Skippy's new Land Rover/Cannondale team kit and Adam's new ultra-hooked-up King/Stans Arch 355 wheelset for his 29er that hasn't arrived yet.

It was neat that former European Pro road racer and good buddy Todd Roberts came with us. Todd is strong, but mountain biking is new to him so he takes it pretty easy.

That was great for me since this ride falls in the midst of an easy training week and I really didn't want to hammer. It was hard not chasing Skippy (who already has a NORBA AMBC race under his belt) because it's so much fun to fly through Explore's singletrack.
We all settled into a more manageable pace just as the rains arrived to liven things up. It wasn't hard enough to make things muddy, but did make the abundant roots slicker than we're all used to. Everyone had fun getting sideways, but no major catastrophes.

It's now the time of year that we leave Explore Park behind and switch the Thursday-nighter to Carvins Cove. I probably won't ride here again for the next six months, until the time changes again. With all the trail improvements that are going on at the Cove, we'll have many more loop options to choose from so each week's ride can be different. Very cool.


adamC said...

Sweet! It was a awesome ride!Lookin forward to the cove and some gears and maybe a little suspension!

BikerClark said...

I guess nobody care about Chris' new bike! I must not be worthy yet. Angelia says I have to sell it NOW. Thanks for NOTHING!

Jen said...

There's something missing about Skip and Chris' bikes. I just can't figure out what's not "RIGHT" about them - the bikes, not the guys, well um, maybe them too.