Sunday, April 15, 2007

Skipped it.


I awoke this morning to rain and 46 degrees. Flurries and wind are in the forecast for this afternoon. I'm tired of riding in this crap. Today is the day of the Dragon's Back race in Catawba. I will be skipping it.

This is my bike, all ready to race with fenders and all. Notice how clean and dry and warm it looks. I'd hate to upset it by dragging out into the coldness and wetness yet again. So, we will both be staying at home today.

Middle Mountain Momma at Douthat State Park (the best race course ever!) is in about three weeks. Maybe it will be Spring by then.

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Sean Gallagher said...

It was messy but it wasn't cold. After reading your recon post and looking at the pics of the course for the first time I though I was somewhat prepared.

No way! It was much harder. The wet conditions made the rocks slicker then Dragaon sh!t. The downhill was just scary. But, much fun was had by all.

I posted a race report over on mtbr in the XC section that goes into more detail if you want to relive your day at Mountain Lake. :D