Saturday, May 26, 2007

No answers...

At 1:30 am Friday morning, I went to the emergency room because my symptoms had worsened. Nausea, cold sweat, shakiness, low blood pressure, headache - all immediately after (forgive me ladies) taking a whiz. It's like when I pee, my system gets all discombobulated. The symptoms started Monday on the trip back from Pittsburgh and have persisted all week. These episodes seldom last for more than a day, so I was naturally worried. They took some more blood and did an EKG and chest x-ray and monitored my vital signs - all of which led them to the conclusion that I am in perfect health! Great, now please tell me why I feel like a big giant pile of poop. They did find elevated Thyroid hormone levels, but when I consulted my normal physician that ran the same tests earlier in the week, my Thyroid levels were all normal. There has got to be an answer somewhere.

If I can get someone at Lewis Gale to ever call me back, I'm going to try to get referred to an Endocrinologist.

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ashwinearl said...

good luck. Easy fix. don't pee. Just kidding. Let us know what happens.