Thursday, June 07, 2007

A better day

Three steps in the right direction today;

1. The MRI results came back looking OK. I don't have any giant lumps or unusual formations in my abdomen. I still have a pain in my side, but the MRI looks clean.

2. Saw a heart specialist that said (for the second time in six months) my problems are not being caused by my heart. I visited Dr. Procopchek at Lewis Gail clinic who was by far the most helpful of any physician I have seen since this frustrating ordeal started years ago. This visit was the third time I have been referred to him. I think that when most doctors who work in general practice or emergency hear the word dizziness they immediately think "heart" without listening to the other symptoms the patient has. I told the Dr who sent me that I know it's not my heart and that I've been down this path two times before, yet she sent me anyway. Regardless, it's reassuring when the heart doc says "there's nothing wrong with your heart". I thought since "Dr. Pro" was a specialist that he wouldn't want to hear about the troubles I was having since it's nothing to do with my cardiac health. I was wrong. He spent about 30 minutes asking me questions about my symptoms and was very, very helpful. He suggested that I see an endocrinologist and was pleased to hear that I already have an appointment with one.

3. I was able to secure an appointmentwith Dr. Priddy at Salem PCA. Dr. Procopchek was the fourth person who has said that Dr. Priddy is the most thorough and top-notch doctor in the valley - good to know. He said that he will get to the bottom of my problems. I only wish I could see him before my June 20th appointment date!

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adamC said...

Sounds good man!Hopefully you will figure it out soon!