Sunday, June 03, 2007

A little pill and a bunch of holes

I awoke Saturday morning praying that I wouldn't feel anything like I did the day before. I had a ray of hope that the script for Levothyroxin the doc had written for me would make some sort of difference. It's a tiny pill that is basically synthetic thyroid hormone. As I understand it, if your thyroid gland doesn't produce thyroid hormone like it should, your entire system can get all off kilter. Hmmm, sounds like my life the past three years.

At 6am I popped a pill and went back to bed for an hour (you have to take these on an empty stomach, so I couldn't have breakfast or anything). The alarm summoned me again at 7am and I started my day feeling much better than I have in weeks. Today is Sunday and only the second day of taking the little magic pills, but I am noticing a difference and I like what's happening.

So, after some grub I packed a few tools and headed to Carvins Cove to install some trail signs we've been working on for a while. Brain and I stopped by the Roanoke County Parks & Rec building to pick up the Ditch Witch SK500 trail machine and the fancy auger attachment.

We met up with Paul, Adam and his wife Kim and the Grandfather, who's truck was full of trail signs and posts and all ready for installation!

We drove the caravan of vehicles as far as we could into the Cove before unloading the DW and augering out the first of many holes. After some experimenting with different augering methods, and a quick 45 degree chainsaw cut to the top of the post (so water runs off) we placed the first sign of the day in the ground at the intersection of Happy Valley, Schoolhouse and Little Bell. Looks good, doesn't it?

As the day progressed, my little magic pill I had taken continued to work just fine. I felt great all day and more "normal" than in a long, long time. I pray it continues. We worked until about 4:30pm and knocked out most of the signs on the "lower" trails. We hope to head back out there to complete the job next Saturday.


adamC said...

The signs look awesome!Thanks for all your time and work making it happen!

Jen said...

Rode at the Cove today. I want to say Thanks!!! I felt much more comfortable out there knowing that there were signs to point me in the wrong direction if I strayed too far. Between the signs adding that comfort level and Paula's blog, I've adopted a new favorite trail - Songbird!!! It rocks! Loved it! Got confused at one point where it drops out to another trail (sharp right goes ???), but stayed with the flow and rode safely through the entire trail!!

Love the signs! Do you need some help with them on Saturday?

Jen said...

OOPS, point me in the wrong direction should have been right direction... HA HA HA

jdonato said...

Saw the trail signs for the first time on Saturday, 7/16/07. Awesome since I'm just getting back into mtn. biking. The guys I was with also commented on how useful the signs are. Thanks for the hard work.