Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Make it go faster!

I'm tired of waiting. Really tired...and more than a bit frustrated. My next doctor's appointment is Monday the 18th, but it seems like 9 years from now. I haven't done anything for almost a month and I'm going crazy not exercising. I want my life as an athlete back!! But, until I can speak with someone (who will actually listen) about the possible reasons for my frequent dehydration, I'm not taking any chances.

OK, Pookie and I have taken the little spoiled dog for a walk almost everyday, but that hardly qualifies as exercise. I'm tired of the couch and tired of watching TV. I don't know how most people can sit and watch this junk every evening and not go insane...especially with the lack of quality programming on the tube!

BTW, all of your prayers are very much appreciated!!! Thank you!!

1 comment:

Harrison Freund said...

I understand, my body went into withdrawal symptoms by not biking for 10 weeks! You'll get your fitness back soon!