Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bring the pain

Only a few days from now (Saturday) will be the 2nd annual M2T2. (That's Mill Mountain Time Trial) I've decided to subject myself to the 20 minutes of agony that comes along with this race. It's short, but it hurts for a long time. 20:56 was my time last year. Since I was off the bike with the "mystery illness" for almost 5 weeks, I imagine my time will not be as good this year. This event is part of the RCO MTB Omnium, but I will be skipping the Sunday XC. After last year's hill climb I felt wiped out and had a hacking cough for the rest of the evening. I was sure that I couldn't race the next day, but I rebounded and had a good finish in the XC also. But last season I was training smarter and better. I don't think my body could handle back-to-back races right now. I'm going to try to do a sub-20 minute time, but will see what my legs and lungs will give me.

So Saturday is it for me. I'll be sweeping the XC course on Sunday to make sure everyone gets through it OK, but it will be a nice, slow, leisurely ride.

Pookie is only doing one of the two Omnium races as well...on her singlespeed! She's chosen to tackle the XC course of about 15 miles. It hurts too, but at least you can get a break on some of the downhills!


Rev's Pulpit said...

Good to see you guys last week. see you sat. for the pain. btw, i think we need a downhill tt with that jump ya'll found.


Jen said...

COOL! Good luck, I'll be there cheering for you somewhere on the TT course! =)