Friday, July 06, 2007

Not (anywhere near) ready

This was me last race season. I felt nimble, quick and smooth on the singlespeed.

This is me this season.

After last night's weekly Thursday excursion at the Cove (the ride I lead, but haven't been to in over a month and a half) I am certain that I am not ready for racing. I will get pulverized. I spent this past winter training on the geared bike and left the poor SS hanging in the basement. Big mistake. Trying to race at the level I was last season is unreasonable based on how I felt last night. I may do the Mill Mountain MTB Hill Climb next weekend, but the cross country stuff probably won't be in my future. I'll be riding the Rig and having fun. For a change, I won't give a rip about how fast I'm going.

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John said...

Hi Warren,

We met at the Douthat Race in May--I was with Ashwin Amanna. I'm writing to say thanks for the signs at Carvin's Cove. I rode there for the first time this year last Thurs.. I was previewing the CC course and I'm sure I'd have gotten lost at least once without the signs. Also, the signs look great--the workmanship is first rate and the signs blend into the environment really well. This was a great addition that will help a lot of riders.

I'm sorry to read about your illness. I got mono a few years ago. It really wiped me out and it took a very long time to leave my system completely. During the recovery it was key for me to develop a feel for how hard I could push without pushing too hard (triggering another relapse and putting me back at square zero). I'm guessing that you're in the same mode and I know how frustrating this is. Be patient and hang in there.

Hope to see you out on the trails soon,

John McDowell