Thursday, July 12, 2007


Now this is one super-cool piece of cycling machinery. A singlespeed, disc brake equipped cyclocrosser. I could use it on the road as the 48x17 is ample stiff enough to get up some speed on the pavement. I could also duck down the closest dirt/gravel alley with no worries since it's a 'crosser. It could even pull some light trail duty. In the near future this may be the only bike I own besides the trusty GF Rig (aka Purple People Eater). Yea, no shifters on any of my bikes...the thought intrigues me!


ashwinearl said...

I've been thinking about a single speed lately. One thing I can't figure out is how to adjust the disc brakes with the horizontal track ends?

An EBB makes discs really easy, but isn't it tough to adjust discs with horizontal ends? Do you have to undo the brakes to take the wheel out?

Racing Yenski said...

Don't know if this is USCF legal for cross racing, last I read, no disc brakes. Though, a cool bike.