Saturday, July 14, 2007


I wanted to see what I had left in me. I wanted to make sure I was over my mystery illness that ruined my mountain bike racing season. I wanted to have fun.

I raced the M2T2 Mill Mountain Time Trial because it was short, and a really good test of strength. I know that I currently don't have the endurance I would need for a 2 hour XC race, but I could certainly last 20 minutes.

The weather was a bit warm, but not overwhelming. Air quality was slightly above average, since the nagging humidity decided to give us a break.

I warmed up with The Rev and Ryan by riding up the first part of Monument Trail, then did some tempo-type riding up the steady uphill grade of a nearby greenway. About 40 minutes of tooling around in all. I was surprisingly relaxed when my 1:07pm start time rolled around. Probably becasue my one and only goal was to have fun.

Smiley counted down from 10, then I was off. The stiff alley-way start didn't hurt nearly as much as I remember. Actually, nothing hurt as much as I remembered. After doing almost zero climbing this year, I was able to get through this race fairly easily. I finished in around 22 minutes. Lat year I was somewhere near 21 minutes. Not too bad for hardly training at all.

Enjoy some photos, ya'll.


adamC said...

The time trail was a lot of fun.It would be awesome if there where more of them.Glad to see you feeling better and having fun!Also thanks to ron and everyone involved with the rco for putting on such great events!Looking forward to next year already!

Racing Yenski said...

You're telling me that you didn't train and you were only down a minute? Hmmmm, perhaps train less than last year and a little more than nothing and maybe you'll go faster!

Glad to see you back in the saddle taking on the mountain and your health issue - Schimizzi Power!