Friday, August 24, 2007


I propose that we (the mountain biking masses of SW VA) organize and hold a Punk Bike Enduro later this fall. For those of you who have no idea what a PBE is, here's a little info:

*One day, multiple stage event

*Points are awarded for each stage

*Each stage offers something different (Hillclimb, mud bog, slow race, bike limbo, track stand competition, rock garden trials, dirt crit, etc.)

*Each stage is awarded points

*"Punks" are hidden at various places on various stages and are good for additional points

*Extra points are awarded to those who ride fixed gear mountain bikes

*Extra points are awarded for those who wear only underwear and a helmet

*Extra points are awarded for unicycles

*Lots of beer is consumed during and after

I'm looking at dates that would offer cool temperatures - perhaps December.

1 comment:

Tim Grahl said...

Hell yeah!

I'm in... I'd love to help plan it. Drop me a line.

btw, you know that's me in that pic?