Saturday, November 03, 2007

The End of October

Once Labor Day hits, it's all over. The time accelerates because of some warp in the space/time continuum. It's Novermber already? But it was 90 degrees just a week ago or so....

I do love fall. I wish we would get more of it. Like from Sept 15th through March 31st would be just fine. 55-60 degree days and 30-40 degree nights. That would work for me. I believe the main reason I had such a sucky cycling season is the fact that we had 55 days over 90 degrees and no rain - EVER! My body (especially my sinuses) can't deal with that. I haven't figured out why, and I hope I don't have to. (By that I mean perhaps it will rain next summer once in a while.)

I start to un-hibernate in the fall and winter. It's more fun to play outside in the cool air than it is to worry about heat stroke. Pookie and I, fresh off another cool annual Daytona Beach vacation, stopped by Explore Park to cheer our friends on in the first ever Into the Night Race held there. Cool concept, but the promotors have some real bugs to work out. A large portion of racers were directed the wrong way (off course) and very few finished the intented route. Pookie and I spectated, but it seemed to us like there were very few volunteers directing racers in the right direction. We still had fun frolicing about in the dark with our friends. I'd like to see the event (or another one like it) succeed, it just needs a whole lot of TLC.


Chris, BGPO (before getting pissed off)

Russ, hammer down.

Another strong ride for the Rev, with Adam hot on his heels.

Bobby B. is well known in cycling circles, like the Tour of California and the Tour of Georgia. I'm amazed he can still walk down the street anywhere without being mobbed by fans.

Yaaaaaahhh!!! Jen gives new meaning to "Taking a pull".

Improvisation, by Rev. Warren Carswell

Sunday Pookie and I broke out the his-and-hers singlespeeds for a little romp in the woods. (Not that type of romp). We set out on a nice, steady-paced tour of the lower trails at the Cove. Pookie wants to ride her single this winter to build up some power that she felt like she lost this past season. Judging by how she rode Sunday, she will do just fine.

Pookie Power!

After this eventful weekend, it was back to the crapfest where I work (read previous blog entry - you'd be pissed too), I was so looking forward to getting back out on the trails for our weekly Thursday evening ride. Me, Pookie, Skippy and Snuggletruck showed for what I may start calling "Our Days are Numbered Ride". The uncertainty of Explore park has got me looking for other venues for this long-standing night ride. Mill Mountain is a stong possibility, but we'll continue at Explore Park for as long as they'll let us ride there.


Jen said...

I love these pictures. I now realize how much of a DORK I am. :)

Bobby Boy said...

Hey did you mention me without the expressed written consent of the UCI, USCF, EPO, El Poortoe?

OK I agree with alleged charges. It's tuff being a celeb.....