Saturday, November 17, 2007


Pookie, Gretta and I ventured to Carvin's Cove today to (finally) install the sign at the Bennett Springs Parking Lot. I've had it sitting in my basement for months, but have been a Slackerino when it comes to installing it.

This is part of the overall trail sign plan that was started this past spring. Many of the trail signs throughout the park point people in the direction of above mentioned parking lot, assuming that trail users know it's name. Now with the 4 foot long sign on the kiosk that holds the Carvins Cove trail map, all doubt about the name of their starting point should be removed.

Once the sign was in place, we decided to visit one of the newest and most unique bits of trail art we've ever seen. The Tree of Rocks lies just a short way down the Hotel trail and really is a must see. Check it out on your next visit!!

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Gordon Wadsworth said...

That sign really is just precious! It warms the cockles of my heart every time I go to the Bennet Springs lot