Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Enchanted Forest?

Could Enchanted Forest look like this some day? How cool would that be?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Could this be an answer?

I visited my allergist last week for a routine check-up. Dr. Hoover likes to see me every six months or so to see how the Valley of Pollution is treating me. I told him about the mystery illness that drove me crazy in May and June. I explained my symptoms and how I was able to finally feel better by getting tons of couch time. He immediately told me that he's seem a nasty respiratory infection in many patients this past Spring/early Summer that had symptoms like I had.

He suggested that my problems may have been respiratory related and the cumulative effect of training 15 hours a week during the Spring may have finally pushed me over the top. "You can only force bad air into your lungs for so long before it starts to affect your health", he said.

He gave me some advise on how to kick my nagging nasal and sinus congestion and suggested I try a Q-var inhaler to help combat the effects of the bad air in the valley. I've used the Q-var before my last couple of rides and have felt fantastic! Best of all, this inhaler doesn't seem to give me the shakes and jitters like others I've tried.

This may finally be part of the answer I've been looking for!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mixed signals

The caution tape says "beware, something isn't right here".

The smile says "let's be friends".

The axe says "I'll chop your f**kin' feet off!".

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I wanted to see what I had left in me. I wanted to make sure I was over my mystery illness that ruined my mountain bike racing season. I wanted to have fun.

I raced the M2T2 Mill Mountain Time Trial because it was short, and a really good test of strength. I know that I currently don't have the endurance I would need for a 2 hour XC race, but I could certainly last 20 minutes.

The weather was a bit warm, but not overwhelming. Air quality was slightly above average, since the nagging humidity decided to give us a break.

I warmed up with The Rev and Ryan by riding up the first part of Monument Trail, then did some tempo-type riding up the steady uphill grade of a nearby greenway. About 40 minutes of tooling around in all. I was surprisingly relaxed when my 1:07pm start time rolled around. Probably becasue my one and only goal was to have fun.

Smiley counted down from 10, then I was off. The stiff alley-way start didn't hurt nearly as much as I remember. Actually, nothing hurt as much as I remembered. After doing almost zero climbing this year, I was able to get through this race fairly easily. I finished in around 22 minutes. Lat year I was somewhere near 21 minutes. Not too bad for hardly training at all.

Enjoy some photos, ya'll.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Now this is one super-cool piece of cycling machinery. A singlespeed, disc brake equipped cyclocrosser. I could use it on the road as the 48x17 is ample stiff enough to get up some speed on the pavement. I could also duck down the closest dirt/gravel alley with no worries since it's a 'crosser. It could even pull some light trail duty. In the near future this may be the only bike I own besides the trusty GF Rig (aka Purple People Eater). Yea, no shifters on any of my bikes...the thought intrigues me!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bring the pain

Only a few days from now (Saturday) will be the 2nd annual M2T2. (That's Mill Mountain Time Trial) I've decided to subject myself to the 20 minutes of agony that comes along with this race. It's short, but it hurts for a long time. 20:56 was my time last year. Since I was off the bike with the "mystery illness" for almost 5 weeks, I imagine my time will not be as good this year. This event is part of the RCO MTB Omnium, but I will be skipping the Sunday XC. After last year's hill climb I felt wiped out and had a hacking cough for the rest of the evening. I was sure that I couldn't race the next day, but I rebounded and had a good finish in the XC also. But last season I was training smarter and better. I don't think my body could handle back-to-back races right now. I'm going to try to do a sub-20 minute time, but will see what my legs and lungs will give me.

So Saturday is it for me. I'll be sweeping the XC course on Sunday to make sure everyone gets through it OK, but it will be a nice, slow, leisurely ride.

Pookie is only doing one of the two Omnium races as well...on her singlespeed! She's chosen to tackle the XC course of about 15 miles. It hurts too, but at least you can get a break on some of the downhills!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Not (anywhere near) ready

This was me last race season. I felt nimble, quick and smooth on the singlespeed.

This is me this season.

After last night's weekly Thursday excursion at the Cove (the ride I lead, but haven't been to in over a month and a half) I am certain that I am not ready for racing. I will get pulverized. I spent this past winter training on the geared bike and left the poor SS hanging in the basement. Big mistake. Trying to race at the level I was last season is unreasonable based on how I felt last night. I may do the Mill Mountain MTB Hill Climb next weekend, but the cross country stuff probably won't be in my future. I'll be riding the Rig and having fun. For a change, I won't give a rip about how fast I'm going.

Monday, July 02, 2007

New hotness

My wife is even hotter now because she rides a singlespeed. That rocks like Betty Crocker, yes sir. The old Kona gets a new lease on life with no shifters. The hottie sticker is a bonus. Look for the hotter and faster Pookie at a race near you soon.