Friday, January 18, 2008

Is the 29er singlespeed the greatest invention of all time?

Some would argue that the wheel should take the prize for most important invention in history. I would argue that it's not just any wheel, but the 29 inch mountain bike wheel. The 29er singlespeed has done more for mountain biking than just about anything I can think of. 29er singlespeeds are everywhere you look. There was even a racer on a 29er SS fixie in the 35+ cyclocross race last weekend in North Carolina!

Perhaps the toilet should get some consideration for best invention in history, but I still say that the 29er SS has it beat. Ever seen anyone ride through a rock garden on an American Standard? Doubt it.

The telephone is also overrated. Telephones can be used to call your riding buddies, but your boss can also call you to ask you do do more work. Points off.

"How about the light bulb?" Well, the light bulb is good for night riding, but again it has it's low points. Light bulbs can burn out. Your legs may burn out on a 29er SS, but you will never get burned out on the joy of those big wheels!

I'd say my arguments for the 29er SS being the greatest invention in the history of the Earth are pretty strong. Beer is a close 2nd...

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Wes at East Coasters said...

I liked you til you ranked beer 2nd.