Sunday, January 27, 2008


SATURDAY: Bike building with drunken Ukrainians

My buddy Donnie got a Kona Unit 29er frame and fork for Christmas and asked me if I'd help build the bike up for him when he received all the parts. The boxes arrived, the date was set and my basement was the laboratory. He and his wife treated Pookie and I to Chinese in return. Donnie and I would build the bike, the girls would watch a movie.

Donnie said his friend Ramona from the Ukraine wanted to lend a hand also. I knew she was a good wrench, but worried about her drinking habit.

Things started off well enough with the dis-assembly of some old bikes to pilfer parts for the new Unit.
But as the night wore on and Ramona was 7 or 8 beers ahead of Donnie and I, the trouble started. I could tell she had a thing for him. She hit on him relentlessly although she knew Donnie's wife was right upstairs!

By about beer number 10, Ramona was having trouble standing and complained about severe pains about the head and neck.

After a loud pop and a sound reminiscent of a Slurpee being run over by a gasoline truck, her head fell off.

Even through all that, Donnie's Kona Unit 29er SS turned out great!

SUNDAY: Snow melt

Pookie and I headed to Bedford's Falling Creek Park to get in a nice long ride in the 40 degree temps. We were greeted by some fun new trails and about and inch and a half of peanut butter-type mud covering them. A new off-shoot no more than 50 feet from the trail head has some fun technical features that required 100% concentration in the wet, gooey mud.

Some off-camber downhill drop offs with logs in the middle of them were a bunch of fun. We went back near the end of our ride to hit them again. This section will be sweet once the trail bed sets up and becomes a bit firmer.

With the trail conditions everywhere in the park bordering on unrideable, we decided to cut the time we would ride down to two hours and stick to the double track trails that zig zag across the open fields at Falling Creek. Even these were a wet nasty mess.

Alot of the park is under construction. New soccer and baseball fields are coming in the near future.

Slop. At least it was fairly warm.

We had fun, but grew pretty bored without being able to ride much of the singletrack. Perhaps some sun and wind will dry the trails soon.



Jen said...

Too bad her head fell off, she could sign up for Athena class...

What's up with all of your SS'ers? Must be a trend... or an epidemic. Hope it's not contagious...oh wait I've already been thinking about it. Ha, won't that be hilarious?

The Grandfather said...

Two middleschoolers get a snow day.....