Monday, January 21, 2008


These days (these cold, windy winter days) many blogs are full of posts about losing motivation to train. Maybe this will help...
Nothing compares to crossing the finish line first. Nothing. Not freezing toes, not unbelievably tired legs, not sore bones. Nothing.

This year I feel the pull more than ever. The pull to do more than I have done before. The pull to ride stronger. To race better. To elevate my ability beyond what it has ever been before.
That's what gets me on the bike for hours and hours in the cold.
That's why.


Jen said...

Nice very nice. Now do you have a pep talk for my bike rack since some Mom in a mini-van, toting her three kids just jacked mine up on Hershberger Road? Stupid people... I don't care if the light is green, if the people in front of me ain't going, I can't go. GRRRRRRR. Now where did I put the Ibuprofen?

Fat Lad said...

Nope, I'm with you on this one.
But with slightly different motivation.
I go out in the wet/dark/cold because I like riding. It's that simple.

Fat Lad

Jen said...

Yo! Go check out my blog. MUD + SNOW + Carvins Cove = FUN FUN FUN! =)