Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't miss mountaincross #2!

This is Chad.
Mountaincross#1 at Falling Creek Park was Chad's first race ever.
Chad is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.
Chad had fun at Mountaincross#1.
Chad smiled the entire race.
Mountaincross#2 will by held Saturday, March 8th.
You should race Mountaincross#2.
You will have fun like Chad.

Go here to learn more.


Jen said...

I'm glad Chad had fun.
Did he have to run?

Relieved he didn't get cut
when he fell on his butt.

There's mud on his hip,
Guess he hit a dip.

There were no chickys
I guess it was too tricky.

Life is keeping me busy,
But not too dizzy.

I'll be back to race
or fall on my face.

Sooner or later,
Bye now tater!

Paula said...

Ummm are they giving you some type of weird recovery drink at the gym???

I'm gonna race the second should too!..It's really not too tricky for us chickies!