Sunday, March 02, 2008

How old are we?

So some of the usual suspects assemble for a fun ride at Fishburn Park. After some singletrack which included some nice roots and rocks (Man, it sure is nice to have something this cool this close to my house) we ended up on the campus of Virginia Western Community College. Like a bunch of 10 year olds we started riding up and down the steep, man-made slopes just for the heck of it. Passers by must have thought we were nuts. Let's see...Donnie is the youngest of the crew, still in his early twenties. The rest of us are very, very close (or over) fourty. Regression. I'm blaming it on the stress that our society has put on us, that's why we're acting like kids.

Honestly, I think we all act like kids when we're together because it's fun. I feel sorry for the people my age who take everything so seriously that they have forgotten how to have fun.

So we found a couple big hills and all rode down them giggling like little kids. Then we'd turn around and do it again, and again, and again...

The hardest part was riding back up. A bunch of us were on singlespeeds, and it really hurt when we got to about the 9th trip back up the hill.

So we acted like little kids (again). Laughing and having a great time. Not to mention, this was one hell of a workout. I call 'em Steep Climb and Decend Giggle Intervals. I'm adding them to my training regimine.

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Jen said...

There's an old addage or was it a country song? Old enough to know better, but still too young to care....