Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Red Stripe

Wind burn. Perhaps a mild case of frost bite. 50 degrees felt warm when I left the house at 5:45pm. "It's too warm for full leg warmers. I'll be fine with only knee warmers."

Wrong. 40 degrees was much colder than expected at 8pm with the help of the stiff breeze.

Remember this photo. This is what my spring tan lines will look like also.


Wes at East Coasters said...

Please don't ever show us this much skin again. Thanks. Carry on.

Gordon Wadsworth said...

Yeah man, Im with Wes...thats a lot of man-leg. But they are oh so fine.

Jen said...

No comments on the legs, I just want to know if I can borrow your Personal Finance for Dummies book. Thanks!