Monday, April 28, 2008

Carbon contemplations

Every-so-often I get a wild idea in my head. This time it's the idea of taking the tried-and-true REBA off of the Rig and going to a carbon fork. Why, you ask?

1. Weight
2. No power loss while climbing
3. Front wheel tracking
4. Coolness
5. I'm a mental case

I've been riding the Poprad off road all winter with the Bontrager Switchblade carbon fork handling the duties up front and I dig it. It soaks up way more rough stuff than you may think.
Besides, I often run the REBA locked out (she has a bar-mounted pop-loc) for better tracking, so why not go all the way?

I rode the Rig fully rigid a couple years ago while REBA was off being rebuilt. The Zion steel fork was great for climbing, but it left a lot to be desired when pointed downhill.

I heart the White Brothers Rock Solid. The all black look is very Darth Vader-esque.

Jesse LaLonde has a white-trimmed Bontrager Switchblade 29er carbon fork on his Superfly and just like Run DMC said, it's tricky.

If the stars and planets all align properly, I could save enough for a new titanium Niner when they hit the market. I would love to see how light the build would be using my existing Stans wheelset and a carbon fork. I'd say around 18-19 lbs. If the ti thing doesn't happen, a One 9 Scandium with a carbon fork would also build out sub 20 lbs.

But, is it worth it? Can I go just as fast with a rigid carbon fork as I can with my REBA? Remember, fast means uphill and downhill. Will the carbon pay dividends for climbing? Will it be a liability for descents? Oh, the things we must contemplate as mountain bikers...


Tim Grahl said...

hey there, I've got one of those I can let you borrow for awhile if you want to do a review for of it. Hit me up if you're into it:

Gordon Wadsworth said...

"waaaaaaarrrennnn....waaaaarrrreeennnn...this is the ghost of your suspension fork...rigid kicked my A$$..."

But seriously though. Rigid is super-duper. I love the bonty carbon one, I hear its pretty much the same as the DT and White ones too. Id be happy to switch with you for a while iffn you want.