Thursday, May 01, 2008


Conflicted again. Vet Expert or Singlespeed in this year’s VA Derailer Series? I ain't skeered of the length. It would be good for me when SMT100 rolls around. I just don't like rolling into a race without a prayer of placing in the top 1/4 of finishers. I am strong enough to compete against other singlespeeders over the Expert-length courses, but against geared guys I am doubting my ability to hang on. Several courses have sections that a big ring beats 32x19 every time. And in some cases these sections are at the very end where a SS could lose one or two minutes.

So my solution is to race SS class against the 20 year olds. So what if I'm twice their age. The opportunity to race against Experts will come in the Dirty Dawg in June and the Carvins Cove Cross Country in July. If I get shelled, it's only one race. I may venture over to WV to race in the WVMBA SS class, which is the same length as the Experts. Maybe SS Expert class will emerge in Virginia next season.

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Gordon Wadsworth said...

Oh Boy!!! Warrens going to race with us youngins. See you Saturday in Danville Big S.