Sunday, June 22, 2008

And the winner is...

It was a close race, but the Brothers name picked up a few key votes from swing states to pull off the victory in the 11th hour. None of the prognosticators had this one right. In the end, the voice of the people won out over the clamour of the media to elect a "peoples candidate" for our 18 hour team name. Let it be known that Four Brothers from Different Mothers will bring power to the people!

Here are the final results from the "Name that team" poll:

1. Four Brothers from Different Mothers - 50%
2. Niner, Niner, Niner, Skip - 33%
3. Greased Moose Poop - 8%
4. Sons of Chuck Norris - 8%

1 comment:

Gordon Wadsworth said...

Word. Now we totally need team kits. Seriously, we could get some sweet ones made with that cool afro-homeplate you have pictured there warren. That would be pretty sweet.