Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More new Pro Tour Team sponsors!

The 2008 Tour de France is fast approaching. The two American teams in this years tour are about to undergo some changes. Slipstream Chipotle will pick up a new title sponsor as Garmin takes over as the main logo on their kits. Team High Road also picks up a new major corporate backer (and new team name and kits) with the addition of Columbia Sportswear.

I think there are many other companies that could lend their names and reputations to pro cycling to make it appeal to an even broader audience. Here are some ideas;
Team Cofidis should become Team Marlboro Kids. That way they get two target markets with one stone - smokers and children.

Quick Step should pick up Fixodent as their title sponsor. The colors are the same.

Gerolsteiner could become Team Poop Freeze. That's what their water tastes like anyway. Besides, Team Poop Freeze is much easier to say than GEROLSTEINER.

Rabobank becomes Team Crisco, because they're so slick. Must be all the cyclocross racing those boys do. A sponsor like that would sure catch the interest of all the heavyweights around the world.

Team Fran├žaise des Jeux should become Team Playboy because their name sounds like a girl anyway.

And finally, Team CSC should be known as Team Cartman, because they kick ass!!

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Jen said...

So this is what you did with your time while we Chicky's were out making sure the world was safe on Mill Mountain. Nice! I like Team Cartman... I could see it now. they ride up next to someone and say, "HEY YOU MUST RESPECT MY AUTHORI-TIE!" Anywho, good to see you this evening! Nice house! I like it!!! See you later dude!