Friday, July 18, 2008


I just realized that tomorrow will be my first race on my stylish Niner One 9. I've had it for a month now, but I haven't raced since the Burn 24 hour in May when I was still on the trusty ol' GF Rig. I hope I remember how. Sometimes your body forgets how to push itself beyond it's normal limits. I hope that's not the case tomorrow and Sunday.

Back-to-back events are always challenging too. How well will I recover? Will my legs hurt Sunday? Will my lungs hurt? Will I sleep OK Saturday night? So many factors, so few answers.

One thing is for sure, the bike is ready. Fresh rubber and Stans for both wheels. 32x19, ready for the pain! Climbs will hurt worse than the 32x20, but I'll have a bit more top-end on the flats. I'm really surprised by how smooth the Niner steel fork is. It gives the bike a very cohesive feel, and is a real joy when climbing.

So it's off to the races; Mill Mtn uphill time trail Saturday, Carvins Cove XC Sunday.

Wish us luck!


dave tompkins said...

wow! I thought you registered geared! hope that riv-nut is working well for your second water bottle. see ya there!

dave tompkins said...

oh yeah. "Pedal Dammit!"
(should be painted on your top tube)

Skmeetz said...

No gears for me. I registered for Expert, but will be racing it on the SS. I'll do OK at the hillclimb, the XC may be another story...