Friday, August 15, 2008

More ready

Miles are adding up.
Pedals are being pushed.
Boundaries are being crossed.
Milestones are being reached.
Confidence is growing.
Speed is increasing.
Work = play.
Tests come soon enough.
This weekend will be 18 hours of fun.
The work continues next week.

1 comment:

TSWimba said...

Hey man it was good to see you out at the 18 hour race this weekend. I’m sorry I didn’t remember you right off. Several beers and the fact that I am terrible with names/faces to begin with really has me at the disadvantage there. Anyhow, looks like I will be back in the ‘noke this Wednesday if you guys wana hook up for a ride. Also I’m interested to see some of those maps you talked about posting up.

Oh and nice job at the race, see ya around dude.