Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain delay

It's been so long since it rained that I feel an entire post on the subject is completely justified. I did what most normal people would do when their outdoor activities are postponed due to weather - I curled up with a good book. The book is Lance Armstrong Performance Program written by Lance & Chris Carmichael. The "curling up" consisted of 60 minutes of countdown intervals in Zone 5. My total training hours for the week may be off due to the remnants of Fay, but my intensity will still be there.

I hate riding inside, so I seldom do. Instead I set my bike & trainer up on our front porch and overlook the passing traffic on my street. The looks I get from passers-by are priceless. It's like no one has ever seen anyone pushing themselves past their lactic threshold on a Cyclo Ops trainer before. Jeez, it's not polite to stare!

Pookie on the other hand likes to be hidden from view unless she's actually riding the bike, not just sitting still pedaling. She converted the breakfast nook into the cycling nook for an hour.

With the windows open to let in some cool air, she realized that cool and 100% humidity is worse than warmer and dryer.
We both appreciate the very much needed rain and the chance to do something different for a change in regards to our cycling workouts. The rain is supposed to stick around for three solid days - I'm sure we'll be more than ready to actually get the wheels rolling again once the sun reappears.

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Jen said...

Had I driven by your house and saw you on the porch I would have laughed too. =) Trainers, blah!!! They rank right up there with the dreadmills.