Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time warp

I'm convinced that time is not constant. It is not uniform and it speeds up and slows down all the time. I only notice this when I'm in the midst of heavy training, like I am now.Exhibit A - Morning
The digital alarm clock sounds at what must be as early as 2am, but the face says it is 6am. Each time I hit the snooze button, less than a minute passes, but 9 minutes pass if you believe the numbers - which are obviously incorrect.

Exhibit B - Work Days
Eight hours take a minimum of 10 hours to pass. I dream of riding in the beautiful weather outside, but the clock holds me down.

Exhibit C - Evenings
The two hour rides that fill many of my weekday evenings pass in 30 minutes or less. No sooner I get on the bike than the time has escaped me again. A reverse time warp.

Exhibit D - Weekends
Beautiful weekends pass in a matter of moments. Rainy weekends take several more days to pass than a beautiful weekend. Morning rides of 3 or 4 hours are common and take no more than an hour to complete. But, the afternoon nap of an hour slips by in 10 minutes.

Something is definitely wrong with the space/time continuum.


ashwinearl said...

hey Warren,
What's the riding like in Arcadia?

Skmeetz said...

FABULOUS!! This time of year is a little tough b/c it's overgrown and tick infested. Wait until early October to go for the ultimate experience. I have some maps I'll post of a couple rides to do up there. Very high quality stuff.