Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'll try 'em

I loves me some Stan's No Tubes rims. They are extra-super light, and for someone who weighs in at 145 like me, they hold up to anything my puny little ass can dish out. My One9 currently feels like a Sherman tank with the REBA up front, but the diet is coming and she'll soon be back down around 20lbs when I switch back to the rigid fork.

So along comes this here new Stan's tire, The Raven. The name sounds cool. Say it with me one time..."The Raven." Now wasn't that nice?

I ran The Crow tires for about 15 minutes a couple years ago before tearing them to shreds on a rock and swearing I'd never use them again. They rolled off the rim because I was trying to run them tubeless on Bontrager Mustang rims. As the tire was coming off, I rolled through a rock garden at about 20mph which turned it into rubber salad. That worked about as well as trying to calculate the gravitational pull of a white dwarf star using a protractor.

So now I'm itching to try The Raven. The deal here is that they have taller side knobs than the Crow, so they are quite a bit more stable when tossed into turns. Initial reviews are positive and it would seem that the new tread pattern is quite the improvement over the Crow. Now that I'm rolling the Stan's 335 rims I won't have to worry about them burping off either.

And they is crazy light. I've been on a serious weight weenie kick lately. My goal is to get the Niner down to sub-18 pounds.

Let's say it again...."The Raven. The Raven. THE Raven."


Jen said...

and you talk about me changing tires... ahem...

Gordon Wadsworth said...

I right there with you Warren. We can raven-it up together. I've rented "the Crow" and all of it's sequels just vecause its kinda like the raven. Thats how excited I am .