Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Me & Mable

From the basement she called to me. So I went to her.

"Why are you leaving me?"

I'm not leaving you. I just needed some time to think.

"But in your last post you talked about another bike. One that has things that I can't give you like gears, and rear suspension. You even had a picture of her. She's prettier than I am".

Well I don't know about all that. I was just thinking. We never did anything. It's not like I brought her home.

"Don't I take care of you? Why would you want another?"

Yes! You've always treated me better than any other bike I've ever had.

"Even better than the Rig?"

Now, that's not fair...I still have feelings for the Rig and you know that. The Rig and I were together long before I even met you...

"Will you talk about me on the blog again? That makes me feel special".

You are special, Mable. And you always will be. Tell you what, I'll put a picture of you and I together on the blog. How's that?

"I'd like that".
Me & Mable at the finish of the 2008 Assault on Liberty Mountain


Jen said...

Mable looks great in the picture, but you sure look like ya gotta pee. ;-) When are you guys going to FL?

Laura said...

Mable !?!

Skmeetz said...

We've postponed our Florida trip since we BOTH have new jobs. Perhaps closer to Christmas. And actually I didn't need to pee, I needed a beer.

Jen said...

New jobs? I knew about yours, pehaps this is why I've not heard a peep out of Pookie in a while. :(

Gordon Wadsworth said...

I think mable is a sweet name. much better than "the rig."

Metro said...

You should give a good look at the Niner JET9 or Salsa's Dos Niner or the new Big Mama before going back to little wheels and full squish unless you just plan on doing a lot of XC stuff.

But don't tell Mable you were out window shopping. Wait it's ok to looks right?


P.S. Have you ever ridden the Price MTN ridge just N.W. of the Dragon's Back ridge?

Skmeetz said...

Price MTN: Yep, lots of AVT stuff. Not the most fun on your mountain bike. When are you venturing this way again?

Skmeetz said...

Yea, I can spell. That would be "ATV" trails, like All Terrain Vehicle...I'm a moron.

Metro said...

I’ve got an UBER: Epic 2 day ride planned for next spring that starts at Todd Lake and makes it’s way down to Douthat on day 1 then leaves Douthat on day 2 and ends up at Rte#311/McAfee Gap/AT parking lot/the end of the Dragons back ridge. I have never ridden the ridgeline (Broad run Mtn/Price Mtn) where the Northern most part of the North Mtn trail (Dragons Back Ridge) intersects trail #334 Price-Broad Mtn trail. Have you ever ridden that ridge?

I’m hoping to be over that way sometime soon but currently a job hunt and a few rides are taking up all my time. I’m finding myself busier now that I’m unemployed than I was when I had a job.