Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm so confused!

In a few days the 2009 training season will begin for me. Mile after mile after mile after mile. Road and mountain. Several days a week. I can't wait!

I'm once again pondering how I want my bikes set up for racing and riding, which are usually two different animals.

The road bike side of the equation is easy...the Trek Madone 5.5 remains unchanged from 2008. Mountain biking is another story...I want light and fast, but still fairly comfortable. I know, I can't have everything!

Some thoughts:

  • My Niner One 9 will be my primary off-road bike.

  • In 2008 I rode it 75% of the time fully rigid and 25% with a Rock Shox REBA up front.

  • The bike definitely climbs faster with the niner steel fork, but descends better with the REBA (well duh.)

  • best race results were with the rigid fork.

  • HOWEVER...none of those races were technical.

I can see myself climbing well at Dragon's Back or Douthat with the bike fully rigid, but can I survive the rocks and downhills? I'm leaning toward yes...

The big question is: IS LIGHTER BETTER?



Metro said...

Run a good 2.3" or 2.5" tire tubeless up front and a solid fast tire in the rear and enjoy the beauty of being a real (rigid) man. That will keep me wishing I had those balls!

Or you could just actually put the shock pressure suggested on the Reba’s fork leg in the fork. Those suggestions make te fork feel pretty freaking rigid to me.

Happy New Year dude.


Gordon Wadsworth said...

Im tellin you Warren, I wouldnt race with anything but the Fox nowadays. I love the rigid fork (even though mine is carbon) but racing I am definitely faster and fresher because of the suspension. I did however put in an order for one of the new Niner carbon forks when my new frame comes. tchuss!

Skmeetz said...

Great, that's all I need is for you to be FASTER! Next you'll tell me that you've figured out a way to get younger too!