Monday, December 01, 2008

Is beer a sports drink?

I have been doing some testing. The phase where I drink lots of beer in order to get my body acclimated to carbo-loading is in full swing. The Thanksgiving weekend was the power phase of this experiment - large quantities were consumed. I have yet to start the actual physical activity part of my testing. I must first find the beer that is the most fulfilling and tasteful before moving onto the next phase. This will take at least three more weeks. I'm working hard to bring you the truth about beer as a performance enhancer. Stay tuned!


roanoke said...

Once you can taste of the Oskar Blues Brewing Co. Ten Fidy Imperial Stout, you shall be ready to tackle the Giro/Tour/Vuelta triple.

Metro said...

The Ten Fidy is ok but I prefer the Bluegrass Brewing Jefferson Reserve Imperial Stout hands down. That and/or a few Dogfish Head 120 min IPAs provide some great race "recovery" and "motivation."


Wes at East Coasters said...

Hmm...gotta try that BBC Jefferson Reserve. I've had their Oak Barrel Stout and that's pretty darn good.