Friday, December 12, 2008

Now what?

Is it:

1. Fighting off an invisible attacker?

2. Imaginary Wii?

3. Matrix roleplaying?

4. Boredom?

5. Just what you'd expect from the two of us?


Gordon Wadsworth said...

D, all of the above! Did I win the Brazillion dollar prize?

Jen said...

No, no, no it's the sequel to Mr and Mrs Smith... only with a biker twist...

I win the red Lemond with no tires...

dave tompkins said...

I got it! Warren and Paula are training to be in the next reality challenge tv show... 'Billy Banks Thi Boe exercise video - last couple standing!

btw: the security word verification for this comment is 'recloger.' let your imagination run free on the many different ideas.

Metro said...

Is it relationship therapy?

Fighting off old man winter?

Knocking out the honey do list?

Ok I get a prize for playing right?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you guys.

Oh and I’d like my participation prize before the holidays please. ;)