Sunday, June 29, 2008

SUNDAY: The day for adventure!

ONE: Take delivery of five cases of Big K sparkling water. THANKS JEN!

TWO: Ride a couple hours with friends.

THREE: Meditate

FOUR: Wash bikes only to find giant black widow spider.

FIVE: Develop anti-black widow strategy.

SIX: Implement anti-black widow strategy.

SEVEN: Bury black widow in the yard.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


If I rode a mountain or road bike like I golf, I would have quit by now. The 18 holes I played at Ashley Plantation today was evidence that I spend way more time on my bicycle than I do with a golf club in my hand.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More new Pro Tour Team sponsors!

The 2008 Tour de France is fast approaching. The two American teams in this years tour are about to undergo some changes. Slipstream Chipotle will pick up a new title sponsor as Garmin takes over as the main logo on their kits. Team High Road also picks up a new major corporate backer (and new team name and kits) with the addition of Columbia Sportswear.

I think there are many other companies that could lend their names and reputations to pro cycling to make it appeal to an even broader audience. Here are some ideas;
Team Cofidis should become Team Marlboro Kids. That way they get two target markets with one stone - smokers and children.

Quick Step should pick up Fixodent as their title sponsor. The colors are the same.

Gerolsteiner could become Team Poop Freeze. That's what their water tastes like anyway. Besides, Team Poop Freeze is much easier to say than GEROLSTEINER.

Rabobank becomes Team Crisco, because they're so slick. Must be all the cyclocross racing those boys do. A sponsor like that would sure catch the interest of all the heavyweights around the world.

Team Fran├žaise des Jeux should become Team Playboy because their name sounds like a girl anyway.

And finally, Team CSC should be known as Team Cartman, because they kick ass!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I can't quit, I'm addicted to the stuff!

I used to drink one soda a day. It was a 12 ounce Coke in a can at lunch. Occasionally I'd have a fountain soda with dinner if we were dining out. Nothing major, right? I didn't think so until I did some research.

One can of soda contains 39 grams of sugar. Multiply that by one soda a day and it adds up to be about 31 pounds of sugar per year! Yikes!

I knew that I wanted to kick my one-a-day habit, so I started drinking bottled water with lunch. We were already drinking Kroger's house brand bottled water on a regular basis. I just started bringing one a day with me to work so I could simply replace the Coke.

Didn't work. Something was missing. I just didn't feel satisfied washing down my sub with straight water.

Then The Racing Yenski turned me on to crack in a can; Kroger's Big K brand Sparkling Water. I was hooked! Lots and lots of bubbles, but none of that nasty sugar I was trying to run away from.

I have been drinking a can of the glorious bubbly with my lunch 99.99% of the time ever since - and lost four pounds without changing anything else in my diet!

But all is not well in this new sugar-free world I've discovered my friends. I have reason to believe that Kroger has taken the sparkling water cans off of their shelves. I can't find it anywhere. I've been to three different locations and come away empty handed. I fear that that days of the two twelve packs for 5 bucks are gone. The two litre bottles are still around for a mere $.88, but I need the portability and functionality of the can! Besides, the fountain of youth tastes better from a can! Would you believe I had to shell out 5 bucks for a six pack of Perrier just to get me by?

It's a dark day ladies and gentleman. A dark day indeed.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes Sir! On patrol, Sir!

I feel so official riding the trails of Mill Mountain in my patroller garb. Looking for trouble. Keeping the people safe. That's how us patrollers roll.

Seriously, IMBA nailed it with this program. We all want to see the places we ride remain accessible to all trail users, and the patrol is the perfect way to reach all user groups.

I hope those of us on the patrol never need to use any of our CPR or First Aid skills and just get the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the users enjoying the trails on the mountain. But, it's nice to know that there are around 20 separate patrollers that are up there riding regularly who are trained to help when if we're ever needed.

See ya on the trail!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

And the winner is...

It was a close race, but the Brothers name picked up a few key votes from swing states to pull off the victory in the 11th hour. None of the prognosticators had this one right. In the end, the voice of the people won out over the clamour of the media to elect a "peoples candidate" for our 18 hour team name. Let it be known that Four Brothers from Different Mothers will bring power to the people!

Here are the final results from the "Name that team" poll:

1. Four Brothers from Different Mothers - 50%
2. Niner, Niner, Niner, Skip - 33%
3. Greased Moose Poop - 8%
4. Sons of Chuck Norris - 8%

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dallas, the worst city in the USA for cycling

That's according to Bicycling magazine, not me. My travels took me there this past week for work to an annual industry convention, blah, blah, blah. I make a conscious effort when I travel to look for local cycling hotspots. Usually in a city the size of big D it's easy to find, but that was not the case. No downtown commuters. No messengers. No one on training rides. There isn't one bike lane to be found.

The hotel where I stayed overlooked the main Amtrak and lite rail station. Not one person arrived via bike. Even if they did, there are zero bike racks. In every other city this size that I've visited, cyclists stream in and out of mass-transit stops with great regularity. It's commonplace everywhere but Dallas.

Glad I live in Roanoke. Glad to see that here we are moving forward.

I did see a bird while I was in DFW airport. I guess he was going to fly somewhere.

...and a vending machine that you could buy an iPod from.

Other than that, Dallas isn't even on the "cool places to visit" radar.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy and scared

The One 9 tasted Carvins Cove dirt for the first time today. 20 miles worth. Fabulous. A few minor adjustments within the first 1/2 hour, and she was pretty much dialed in. I smiled. :)

And then we rolled up on...

"Time to go home, honey". Pookie and bears go together like spinach and ice cream.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Help name our 18 hour race team

We're putting together a four-man singlespeed team for the "Scout's Honor" 18 hour race to be held near Richmond in mid-August. You can help choose a name for the team. Please vote using the poll on the right-hand side of this here blog.

The team consists of the following racers:

Gordon Wadsworth, Age 20 - Rides an orange Niner One 9.

Chas Mick, Age 30-something - Rides a red Niner One 9.

Skip Huffman, Age 29 15/16 - Rides a orange-ish, kinda red-looking Redline 26" singlespeed

Me - Age isn't important - Rides a red Niner One 9. (Just got it, ya'll! See below)

So vote in the poll and help pick the team name. May the best name win!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Thursday morning started at 3am for me. No, I didn’t wake up ill or have to take the dog out to tinkle. I had to go to D.C. for a meeting for work that was to be at 8am. Four hours of semi-car sickness in the back seat of a Toyota Four Runner. Right when we got trapped in the heaviest of morning commuter traffic, my bladder told me that it was time to unload. Nothing better than having to ask your boss (with the CEO riding shotgun) to please work his way across six lanes of stopped traffic to the nearest exit so you can relieve yourself. And we were already late. I scored some negative points there.

Five hours of intensity in a closed-door meeting, then back in the Four Runner to Roanoke. This time I did a good deal of the driving. Bottom line is that these things throw a wrench in my riding. I had to miss the ride I lead each Thursday. My lovely wife represented in my absence. I really felt the need to ride too.

So next week the disruptions continue as I have to travel to Dallas Tuesday through Thursday. I hope to be back in time to lead the ride next week. I hope to have some consistency and less travel after the Dallas trip. The SMT100 is coming. I plan on being ready.

PS: The unveiling of something red draws near!

Monday, June 09, 2008

More rigider?

Now my curiosity is peaked. I am currently riding a White Brothers Rock Solid fork on the Rig. I have a Reynolds Steel fork (and other surprises) on the way. Which rigid fork is going to provide a better overall ride? Is steel real, or is carbon king? Any thoughts?

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Pookie and I moved nine hundred thousand rocks apiece this past Saturday in effort to build a couple rock walls on some new singletrack at Green Hill Park. It's always nice to see new trail go in, and this one will be a beauty! It's short, and the park itself holds only about 4 miles of trail - but it's a start and it will be appreciated.

I can't wait to ride it! I was contemplating swapping my cx tire for 23c slicks on the Poprad so my commutes to and from work would be 100 psi effortless, but I may have to delay in order to make narrow knobby tracks on this baby!

Now if I could only get my back to stop bringing me to the brink of tears every time I stand up. On a scale of 1 to 10, we're talking 9.75 pain. Brief muscle spasm pain. Hopefully a nice long ride will knock it out before this weekend's XXC at Mountain Lake. Dirty Dancing anyone?

Happy Birthday Yenski!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Are singlespeeds faster?

Some good reading over at Dirt Rag about singlespeeds vs geared bikes.

Are singlespeeds faster? For me, the answer is a resounding YES! I have alway raced and ridden better without gears. How about you?