Saturday, January 17, 2009

Excuse removal ride

9am, 4 degrees. Hey, it was above zero!

Bibs and a long sleeved Craft baselayer...

...followed by leg warmers.

Woolies to keep the toes toasty!

How about another layer on the legs?

On goes the light fleece team jersey.

Thick, fleece lined booties were a necessity!

Two more layers on top!

As I ventured out, signs of how wickedly cold it really was were everywhere.

In the 11+ years I've lived in Roanoke, I've never seen the Roanoke river look like this!

The geese sure didn't seem to mind!

I encountered several stream crossings that were solid ice.

I would have been happy to get an hour and a half ride under my belt in such cold conditions. I ended up with three hours and fifteen minutes, and lived to tell about it. It was a mental thing for me. Now for the rest of the winter, if it's more than 4 degrees outside, I know it's not too cold to get a long ride in. That excuse is dead.

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Jen said...

Trying to place the last picture. Is that the section of greenway near Mountain View road?

You're a brave and hearty soul. Glad you had a good ride!