Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Speed looks different

This is Lance. (Well Duh!) This is actually the post-7-tour-victories-working-out-at-the gym-every-day Lance. When he races in this year's Tour, you can bet he'll be alot less muscular. Regardless, he's always been ripped, and fast.
This is Gunnar. I would love to be 3/4 as fast as Gunnar. And to top it off, he is in no way, shape or form an arrogant ass. But, he has always been, and still is, wicked fast.

So my question to you, fine blog readers is this: What does fast look like? Does it look more like Lance, or does it look more like Gunnar?


Metro said...

Fast looks like Gunnar. If Lance had half the style of Gunnar then he’d be at least 3.5X faster. When I see Lance old and grey partying all night long drinking beer from the keg, doing keg stands, keeping the WV team in somewhat of a civil order, then pulling out an amazing SM100 finish on a single speed with only a few hours of sleep…Well then I will have a little bit more respect for Lance. Until then he (Lance) is just way to cold and training orientated and we haven’t even broken in to the did he/he didn’t dope gig. Not to mention as Jason just pointed out today he waited until his nut was the size of a grape fruit before his silly arse went to see a doctor (for something other than training helpers!) ;)

So fast looks like Gunnar, if you can hang with him long enough to catch a glimpse!


Wes at East Coasters said...

I'm just disturbed that you have a picture of Gunnar in his underwear

Wes at East Coasters said...

Something else strikes me about this and it may be telling about my psyche: I'd rather look like Lance but I'd rather LIVE like Gunnar. Damn. Oh well. I like beer to much to look like Lance so I guess the decision is made...

Gordon Wadsworth said...

Its in the socks my friend, its in the socks.