Thursday, February 19, 2009


Pookie picked out some new grips. I, being the greatest husband in the history of the Earth, installed them for her. Fancy, eh?

Then I got to noticing the packaging. Lot's of heavy ABS plastic and burly cardboard...

...even screws to hold the entire contraption together. Some real work went into this for sure.

Since the packing is so well made and should equal, or perhaps exceed the life of the actual product itself, I've decided to serve as your public resource to inform the universe about other potential uses of the Ergon grip packaging.

If outfitted with a parabolic lens... could be used to watch Lance win number 8!

By using simple zip ties, it could serve as a revelotionary third grip mount for turning tighter corners on your mountain bike. I wouldn't take it off of any sweet jumps, however.

Uh, yea. You get it.


Metro said...

Nice Phelps teaser.


Gordon Wadsworth said...

Youre a funny man Warren Shimizzi, a funny man. Be careful not to incriminate the rig (Clarence?) in that photo, it as a career to think about.

Racer X said...

You ain't right dude.