Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Motion Based, why don't you like me?

This past weekend was hard for me. It was raining cats and coyotes outside, forcing me to do my least favorite athletic activity: ride the wind trainer. The Six Hours of Warrior Creek is coming up in a few weeks and I've paid my cash to ride all six hours solo. Bottom line is I needed the saddle time and had to get it in somehow. I was just recovering from a nasty, horrific upper respiratory infection and plague, so there was no way I was going to ride for hour upon hour in the rain.

So into the basement I went. Pookie joined me. Side-by-side on our bikes, pedaling to nowhere watching Jack Bauer and 007. Both Saturday and Sunday. It was boring, but we got through it.

I wore my Garmin both days with the GPS disabled, allowing it to record time and heart rate data for posterity. Today I attempted to download the two rides to Motion Based so I could feel a swell of self-confidence when I looked at the hours I put in despite the weather. But the Garmin Gods have frowned on me. I tried several times, but I think because there is no GPS data, Motion Based won't recognize the activity as legit.

Deflated. I want to see the hours that I slaved away on that confounded CycleOps torture device! Blasted gadgetry!


Jen said...

Yup gotta let it run and record your map to nowhere. At least that's what I did with my Edge305 to obtain HR data...

Metro said...

I’m pretty certain that Motion Based utilizes both the “Smack Talk pop up” & “B.S. blocker” utilities. If you disable both of those you MIGHT sweet talk it into uploading your workouts.

Wait you might just be S.O.L.


PS. I’m just jealous that you got to ride your bike at all.