Thursday, April 16, 2009

A small change, a huge difference

When I first put the Niner back together after repairing the trashed eccentric bottom bracket, I scrounged for parts in the bottomless old-parts pit I have stashed in my basement. I believe that it was about three beers into the build when I was groping around in the darkest recesses of my long-discarded old parts that I came up with a pair of matching grips. ODI lock-ons. I was set. I slapped the grips on along with a borrowed Fox F29 and off to the Six Hours of Warrior Creek I went.

I noticed that after a few hours of riding, even with the fancy-schmancy suspension fork, that my hands were hurting a good bit. I've been riding rigid 99% of the time for about a year now, and my hands have grown accustomed to a little soreness. This however was more of a deep bone soreness.

A few days after Warrior Creek, the rigid fork went back on the bike. I never had this kind of soreness before riding rigid, so I thought I'd go back to it. The pain was worse...alot worse. I looked at my trusty ol' Rig hanging on the wall which I had ridden all winter with no hand pain(fully rigid with a carbon fork) and finally figured it out - it was the grips.

The ODIs are a slightly smaller diameter, and made of slight stiffer rubber. I swapped them out for my trusty OURYs, and the problem went away. 3 hours of tough terrain Sunday and another bumpy ride tonight, all with no hand pain.

It's amazing to me that such a seemingly piddly little thing can make such an enormous difference. Who'd a thunk it?


Duncan Watson said...

I am using OURY's on my current bike and love them. Very comfortable. I know what you mean how the littlest things can make a huge difference with comfort.

Jen said...

Where did you buy the Oury grips? I might get a pair for my bike when it comes home from the bike-hospital. My hands hurt like crap - crap fork + ? grips + weights - I'm will to try something different.

Gordon Wadsworth said...

Man grips are fer girls! I reckon Im gon race on bare carbon this year, who needs em grips anyways!

Glad your little hands are feeling better though Warren. Dont worry about the fox, already sold so no worries. Laters,