Monday, May 04, 2009

Double DNF

This race report is sad. I rode a long way into this past Sunday's XXC epic at Douthat State Park in the top ten. Then I flatted. Fixed it. Flatted again. Fixed it. Flatted again, walked and walked and walked. Got help and a tube from Adam. Fixed it, then flatted again. The end.


Laura said...

That sucks! Sorry things didn't go well for you, better luck in a couple weeks at Falling Creek.

Metro said...

We need to start the DNF crew!

Was good seeing you for a min. Sorry I was a bit rushed.


Jen said...

Well that sucks. Neither you or Cliff had any luck. Funny that you're in the same picture. Ah well, at least you got to play in the rain and mud. And, you pick on me about flats... See you soon...

dave tompkins said...

4 Flats. whew. that's an accomplishment with only 2 wheels... or were you riding 2 bikes ;-)

good job Warren. it was a day of toughness (mental and physical) and luck. hmm. a lot like cyclocross :-)

peace - dt