Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tent Event

The excitement is building! Next weekend Pookie and I will be racing in the ultra-fun Burn 24 Hour Challenge in Wilksboro, NC. We did this event last year as part of a five-person squad and had an absolute blast! This year we'll be on separate four-person teams. I think it will be even more fun since we'll have eight racers and two spouses all hanging out at once!

The challenge is to pack light while still bringing everything that you need. It's impossible. I mean "stuffing a bowling ball into your mouth" impossible. Just look at our tent...a queen-sized air mattress leaves just enough room to pretend that you can put an item or two along the edge of the tent floor. We'll have two or three coolers overflowing with food, 19 different types of drinks, yogurt, sharkies...every stitch of cycling clothing that we own, clothes to wear to hang out in while your teammates are doing their laps, lanterns, chairs, beer, noodles, lights, insect spray, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

I just freaked out a little bit. Sorry.

So here's the real trick; prepare well enough this week that on race day the only considerations are riding, eating and sleeping. Should be about as easy as sending a man to the moon...on a moped.


Jen said...

A successful shopping trip I see. I'm with you on trying to figure out what to take. Oh well. Walmart is just down the road. =)

Let me know what time ya'll are leaving.

Racer X said...

Good Luck and have a great time.