Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Physical Therapy has begun!

With great anticipation (and honestly quite a bit of fear) I arrived at the therapist's office this morning for my first session. Was this process of rehabilitating my shoulder going to hurt worse than when the accident happened? Would my stupid shoulder pop out when the therapist started moving and yanking and pulling it in all directions? Would I pass out from the pain? Would I puke?

I was pleasantly surprised when I was questioned thoroughly before the poking, prodding, yanking and pulling started. I was treated with kid gloves, but was also assured that small easy steps are the way to a strong, completely healed shoulder.

In other words this visit took a ton of weight off my shoulders (pun intended).

Now it's more of the same for the next 4 weeks...

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Jen said...

You forgot to lable the scapular spine, ribs, the SC Joint and that bright, circular object lower left hand side of the image. Also what is the space between the greater and lesser tuberosities called? What attaches here ;-)

I'm being a show off for once.